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Trowel XVIII – download not currently available

Trowel Vol XVIII Table of Contents:
Fruit of the Loom: Five Loom Weights in the UCD Classical Museum Kaylin Bednarz
The Use of Folklore in Archaeology Allison Galbari
A New Defensive Aspect of the Outer Earthworks of Irish Ringfords Leslie Crane
Archaeology, PTSD, and Happiness: How the Dead are Helping the Living Laura Cawley

AYIA 2016-2017 Conference Proceedings Table of Contents:
Roman Client-Kingdomship in Ireland Shane Kent
Estate Maps and Aerial Archaeology: An Inclusive Study of Ringfort Numbers Edward O’Riordan
The Uses and Limitations of Artistic Reconstructions in Archaeological Interpretation Ben Spillane
An Archaeology of the Plastic Baton Round in Northern Ireland: A Less Than Lethal Form of Riot Control, 1970 to the Present Day Thomas Meharg
Shamanism Without Shamans: Possibilities and Limitations of its Use in Prehistory Sean O’Connor
The Early Medieval and Royal Significance of Shanid Hill, Co Limerick Ciarraí O’Sullivan