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Table of Contents:
• The Blackthorn’s Secrets: an Archaeological Investigation of Dranagh Mountain, Co. Carlow Séamus O Murchú
• ‘Cill Cáscan and De Controversia Paschali’: Echoes of Early Medieval Ecclesiastical Controversy in the Irish Landscape Terry O’Hagan
• Smiths, Pits and Burials: the Role of the Smith in Funerary Rites in Early Medieval Ireland Margaret Williams
• Prone, Stoned, and Losing the Head: Deviant Burials in Early Medieval Ireland in the 5th to 12th Centuries Maura Farrell
• Did the Taliban Known About the ‘CNN effect’? Bamiyan and the Media Patrizia la Poscopia
• Beithígh ar Buaile: Transhumance in 19th and 20th Century Ireland Euguene Costello
• Three Cases of Trauma to the Shoulder from Early Christian County Louth Arlene Matthews and Clíodhna Ní Mhurchú

• Did Gadara Hae a Macellum? Karolina Pawlik
• The Manx Keeill and Pagan Iconography: Christian and Pagan Responses to Ideological Turmoil in the Isle of Man During the Tenth-Century Dr R H Moore

• Secondary Burial in Prepalatial Crete: Embodiment and Ancestorhood Cian O’Halloran
• Looking for Ways Forward: Overcoming Fragmentation in Irish Archaeology Paolo Ciuchini
Book Reviews
• Glendalough: City of God, edited by Charles Doherty, Linda Doran & Mary Kelly Brí Greene
• Landscapes of Cult and Kinship, edited by Roseanne Schot, Conor Newman & Edel Bhreathnach Claire Kavanagh
• An Accidental Urban Archaeologist Dr. Rebecca Yamin