Trowel is looking forward to the new semester and the release of the new volume, Trowel XIX.

If you were apart of an excavation or laboratory field school, work placement, or did volunteered work over the summer and would like to contribute to this years volume of Trowel please send us an expression of interest.


ARCH Diaries are 1000 to 1500 words describing your experiences while taking part on an archaeological excavation or post-excavation (i.e. Field or Lab).

For examples of field diaries see UCDigs in Trowel XV and Trowel XVI

Trowel is a student run journal and is a great opportunity for undergraduates, graduates, and post-graduate to gain experience with the editing and publishing processes while also adding to their personal bibliography and CV. A Trowel article has been the first published work for many well established Irish archaeologists and we hope to continue supporting future archaeologists.

From everyone at Trowel, Welcome Back!